I have two adult children: Jeremy and Jessica and two teens, Silas who we just dropped off at college, and Devin, a high school sophomore. I have three grandchildren: Sawyer, Wyatt, and Peyton. In 2007 I had successful prostate surgery, broke an ankle ice skating in March 2008, and am a stage zero Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia patient the past 12 years. I have an interesting inherited voice condition called Spasmodic Dysphonia, causing halting speech.

Converting from baseball pitcher to runner, I have run 175 marathons, 45 or so ultras, finished The Vermont 100 Trail Run 5 times and have won my age group 14 of the past 20 years in the USA 24 Hour Run National Championship. I have run across Vermont in two days and the length of Vermont in four.

I taught elementary school, grades three to five, for 35 years. I created the block walk/run with my class: a half mile course around the school, kids were challenged to do a half or a mile. They took their pulse before and after, recorded it with their cumulative mileage and some ran in a kids race at the end of the year, sponsored by the Vermont City Marathon. I developed many health-related programs around this activity.

Trained by the National Writing Project, I enjoyed writing with my students. We produced a Leaf Peeper Poetry Booklet handed out to tourists arriving by bus at our capitol, a Hubcap Poetry Booklet based on hubcaps we painted, a Pumpkin Company selling stock to raise money to sell 100 pumpkins and performed Shadow theater and Blacklight Theater, including a circus with gigantic cardboard animals. Now eight years retired, I continue to volunteer in local schools helping with writing and I participate in local poetry slams for fun.

Nothing is a bigger challenge or more important to me than doing something to inspire children to play and become fit, positive, caring people! Race Across USA is a call to do just that. And the race starts on my 73rd birthday. Join me and celebrate kids!!

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2 Responses to ABOUT NEWTON

  1. Rosalind Williams says:

    I met Newton racing on Hwy 82 in Lake Village, AR, April 7, 2015 while taking keys to my brother, Roderick, who was on his way back to Texas. It was a true honor to meet such a genuine person, he took the time to explain their cause. I told him that it was awesome and he took a picture of my brother. I called the mayor’s assistant and asked if they knew about the runners coming through she said they were a day ahead and called the Mayor. I hope the runners were greeted in our town also.

  2. John Goodrich says:

    Delighted, Newton, to read about and follow your traipses on roads and among young writers. Spent a few hours with Albert Burdett last week in Florida; Brothers Burdett still sing your praises. So do I. -John Goodrich

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