Vermont – POST RAUSA – July

To my Raceacross USA TEAMMATES
I ran an exTREEEEMly hilly Mad Marathon today in gun time of 5:28. Running only 30 miles since our event ended did not prove to be great training.

Got there early and watched runners arrive. Lots of agitated people running around, stretching and asking if the hills really were that steep. Well, yeah but the views are spectacular. Then the music started playing over the speaker and it was a soothing, guitar backed Hawaian song sung in Hawaian. I felt even sadder. Didn’t we run with some guy who was sort of Hawaian? I ran the whole race pretending I was headed to the 6, 13, 19 and finish where Andrea would be waiting.

Miss you guys!


BAREFOOT ALEX:  Brother Newton, showing NO signs of slowing!!! Congratulations. That’s SOLID running!!! You felt us in the ethers. I’m guessing being in the ethers was easier than forging up hills??? haha. Love everyone of you!

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Vermont – Post RAUSA – JUNE



TIMES ARGUS ARTICLE: MONTPELIER — Montpelier will hold a jog event through downtown Montpelier on Saturday to celebrate Newton Baker’s recent run across the country. Baker, a retired Montpelier High School English teacher, recently ran across the country as part of Race Across USA, an event aimed at inspiring a healthier generation and combating the problem of childhood obesity. Baker, 73, ran the equivalent of 117 back-to-back marathons. In 2007, Baker had successful prostate surgery, and 12 years ago he was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia. The run will begin at 11 a.m. at Montpelier High School and will end at City Hall, about 0.6 miles, where there will be a short ceremony. The event is open to everyone.

Rausa “From The Road” comments:
About Hubcaps – as a teacher, I collected them so students could paint them and we wrote Hubcap Poems and made a booklet. In the transcontinental, I had to grab 3 unusual ones!

New Mexico was only state I didn’t get a car license plate. But magic is still happening: sitting in Capitol Grounds coffee shop, I chatted with a young lady next to me with whom I had worked some on writing in a friend’s 5th grade classroom. I mentioned my license plates and she said, “0h, I live in New Mexico now and just changed plates. I’ll send you my old NM PLATE. Now I don’t have to run back through New Mexico.




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Virginia – FINAL STAGE (09) – Lafayette Square

This is a 27.63 mile run starting in Pohick and following the Potomac River to the District of Columbia along the Mt Vernon Trail, cross the Arlington Memorial Bridge, go by the Lincoln Memorial, the National WWII Monument, along the National Mall down Pennsylvania AVE NW and finishing at Lafayette Square. Total ascent of 866.02 ft and has a maximum elevation of 175.33 ft.

This is it – Lafayette Square!  3,080 miles! 4.5 months, 5000 kids, several pairs of shoes, sleeping in many campgrounds, churches and gym floors plus a few hotels and that’s not even the real story. Today’s finish was special! Eight grade students from U32 Jr/Sr High School in East Montpelier, Vermont stopped by the White House with Amy Molina AD to celebrate Newton’s finish with Vermont flags.




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Virginia – Stage 8 of 9 – Independent Hill

This is a 34.8 mile run starting at the intersection of 610 and 612. Once we reach Aden we pick up route 646 toward Independent Hill. Continue to Minnieville, Bethel, Agneville, Occoquan, Lorton, Pohick and finish near the Davison AAF. Total ascent of 1219.4 ft and has a maximum elevation of 458.37 ft. Finished 34.8 miles in 8:14. 

MESSAGE from the ORGANIZERS: Tomorrow the 3,080 miles of Race Across USA will come to an end! Follow the Tuesday, June 2nd run to the White House on Twitter. We will be updating runner locations throughout the day!!

Alright, one more! I’m ready! (Plus a little extra run through Maryland (33 mile)  to the dock of the bay on Wednesday .

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Virginia – Stage 7 of 9 – Fredericksburg

This is a 26.65 mile run starting at the intersection of Lee Drive and Picket Circle. Follow Lee Drive to Lafayette Blvd. then pick up Sophia Street just befor crossing the Rappahannock River. Follow Chatatham Heights Road until reaching route 607, 626 thru Stafford, route 628 to Ramoth, 627 or Mountain View Road. Finish on Tacketts Mill Road (612) at the intersection of 610 and 612. Total ascent of 1227.42 ft and has a maximum elevation of 457.02 ft. 98 degree heat index again today. Some tough road to run with nowhere to get off sometimes. Finished 26.65 in 6:00:18. 33 mile stage tomorrow!

Nice place to run, but had to pay attention!








North Carolina










more Texas

Here’s the collection so far . . . (of course some are somewhere else)




South Carolina

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Virginia _ Stage 6 of 9 – Spotsylvania Courthouse

This is a 26.72 mile run starting at Davis Corner on route 603 or Countyline Church Road then on to Cedon Road where we pick up route 632 or Edgehill Academy Road. Route 603, 607, 633 and 608 are next. The finish is south of Fredericksburg along Lee Drive.  Total ascent of 876.62 ft and has a maximum elevation of 316.4 ft. Today’s course takes us through Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park!

Today I reached 3,000 miles at the 15.7 mile marker at 10:50am! Finished in 6:32!




AYE MATEY. ‘Tis true! The TREASURE CHEST CONTAINS A WEALTH OF DOUBLOONS from people who have donated to the cause of this event I am running across the USA. THANK YOU ALL!! If you HAVE NOT DONATED, fear not. YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO WALK THE PLANK!! And please …. NO SWORD FIGHTING TO SEE WHO CAN BE THE LAST TO DONATE!
Visit: Should you be itching to contribute!



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Virginia – Stage 5 of 9 – Wyndham

This is a 26.87 mile run along route 617 and 715 or Taylor Creek Road to MONTPELIER VA (mile 7.5), Beaverdam then onto route 697, 639, 603 finishing a couple miles north of Chilesburg at the intersection of 603 and 604 or County Church Road near Blantons.  Total ascent of 1060.14 ft and has a maximum elevation of 362.07 ft.

Finished in 90 degrees today, 27 miles in 6:32! I think I can – I think I can!


This is a magical hubcap. It is coming home with me!


My tree of the day running through MONTPELIER.


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